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Journeys  by  Peter C. Fisk

Journeys by Peter C. Fisk
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LOOKING FOR AMY - Nick Briscoe is frantically searching for his missing daughter, Amy. He enlists the help of the good people of Lankersville, Pennsylvania. In utter desperation, Nick sends his search party in several different directions, while he, alone, explores Alaquamish Creek. As he scouts the stagnant waters, a rolling fog billows towards him.

Though it is August, a chill permeates the air. The expected sounds of nature, along Alaquamish Creek, are absent. Within minutes of his search, Briscoe encounters Joshua Cartwright who tells a story, all to familiar to Nick.VOICES - Dr. Jonathan Nantz, is a psychologist of some renown, with a high-priced office in Manhattan.

He receives a call from his friend, Dr Hobson, requesting that he begin treatment, on an outpatient basis, with James Marshall Hansen, who had been an inpatient at Kindervoort State Hospital. At the same time, prominent psychologists have been found murdered in their offices and the police have no clues as to the killer.

In this story that deals with the dueling for psychological supremacy, Dr Nantz soon discovers that he needs all his considerable skills in treating Hansen, a man of many talents.CHANGE-UP - written in realistic style, examines the impact of the sudden, unexpected and accidental death of a young man and how it touched the lives of two people, one of whom, was responsible for his death.

It examines the emotional coming to terms of these two people confronted by a person “dying out of turn,” and the paralyzing guilt and the behavioral inertia as consequences borne out of this tragedy. It resolves through their excruciatingly painful acceptance of the unwanted results of choice.HEART OF THE MATTER – Faye Klatner is an older woman, living with her daughter’s family, in the Midwest.

This includes her unruly fourteen year old, granddaughter, Robin. Miriam, Faye’s daughter, asks her to see if Robin will talk to her about what is making her so irritable. In trying to reach Robin, Faye tells her a very private story that happened, to her, many years ago, during World War II, when she was in her early twenties, living alone, in their same house.

Within a short distance, from the house, a German POW camp was situated. Captain Paul Gruber of the Wehrmacht, has escaped and forced his way into Faye’s home. Faye is initially very scared, but she has an odd feeling this intruder will not hurt her. Captain Gruber, though outwardly hardened and also frightened, feels the same way. When the local authorities come searching for him, Faye hides Gruber in a secret room in her basement. After the search party leaves, she goes down to find a shocked Gruber. He has just discovered that Faye is Jewish and that she, alone, was placed on a ship, before the war began, to come to America.

The two of them had grown up in the same town in Germany. Major Quentin Josephs and Sheriff Dustin Dalton, head of the original search party, re-enter Faye’s home and find her standing next to Gruber. An interesting confrontation ensues between the characters. At its conclusion, the story returns to the present day.

The moral of the story, does not escape Robin. But there is one more surprise and one more moral that Robin did not expect.AND THE ROSE BUSH STILL HAS THORNS – written in absurdist style, pays homage to “1984,” but carries it a few steps further. The story focuses on a suburban family, getting ready for dinner, one evening, awaiting the arrival of Harold, husband and father of this family. He is stern and emotionless. He oversees the minutest of details of his family’s behavior as prescribed by “Compy.” Hannah Arendt’s phrase, “the banality of evil,” finds a warm home in this story of the horrific consequences of relinquishing the very human qualities of personal thought and standing forth beh

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